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National Captive Services

National Captive Services LLC (NCAPS) is a newly formed (2004) captive management services organization, located in Oklahoma City, OK, that operates as a service provider to captives and other alternative risk vehicles. In their most previous positions, the NCAPS management staff was personally responsible for management of overall medical professional liability operations, including claims, underwriting, risk management, actuarial, financial management, information system administration, and reinsurance for several risk-bearing entities.

The NCAPS staff brings with it the expertise they have developed with prior organizations, demonstrating the same capabilities to ensure that their insurance programs are efficiently and effectively managed to bring success to the stated objectives:

"We are committed to providing insurance and risk solutions that are responsive to the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry in a manner that is beneficial to our clients, organization, shareholders, and employees."

All claims management, underwriting, policy issuance, and accounting functions are handled in-house. We pride ourselves on our "no penny for tribute" claims management philosophy, which dictates that we will not roll over on a frivolous claim. This puts the plaintiff bar on notice that we are not an "open checkbook", and if they're coming after one of our clients, be prepared to spend money.

In-house claims analysts handle all claims-related issues. We are firm believers in using local counsel, which is approved by a panel consisting of the insured's and insurance company management. On occasion, and with prior approval, we will retain outside investigative services, but we feel strongly about keeping loss expense to a minimum while providing superior service.